Grass Roots Initiatives

Community First is focusing on key initiatives that will raise the quality of healthcare.  These initiatives will succeed only if we all care for each other.

Promoting Education & 


Conversations for the Best


End-of-Life Care 


Register for Advance Health Care Directive workshop

Many critically ill people who die in hospitals receive unwanted, distressing treatments and have prolonged pain. Many fear that their wishes will be disregarded and that they will face death alone or in misery.[1]  We are seeking to educate every resident over the age of 65 on the importance of having “The Conversation” with their loved ones and the importance of having an Advance Health Care Directive.


Photo:  University of Hawai‘i


Blood Pressure Educator


High blood pressure (hypertension) is among the most common chronic medical conditions. Hypertension also greatly increases risk of heart disease and stroke. The good news is that high blood pressure is easily detectable, treatable, and reversible!


In partnership with the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo School of Nursing (SON), KTA Super Stores, and the East Hawaii Independent Physician’s Association, Community First is creating a bridge of awareness through school-aged children.




Hawai‘i Island Well-Being Challenge


The Hawai‘i Island Well-Being Challenge sought to help people take personal responsibility for thier own well-being and to foster a sense of civic duty to take this responsibilty seriously in light of the magnitude of healthcare costs.


In November of 2014 Community First partenered with KTA Superstores, The County of Hawai‘i, and The Hawai‘i Island United Way to promote the Well-Being Challenge. 


Read more to find out how you can take the Well-Being Assesment and improve your health today.